High Alumina Cement

High Alumina Cement / Calcium Aluminate Cement

We make two types of Calcium Aluminate Cements (High Alumina Cement), H-CEM-50 & H-CEM-70. These both of our brands (H-CEM-50 and H-CEM-70) are famous and recognised globally for high quality and best physical properties.

Our H-CEM-50 is a conventional grade alumina cement with about 50% alumina and medium purity.

Our H-CEM-70 is high purity calcium aluminate cement with about 70% alumina content.

We also do private branding for some international clients who resells these products under their own brand names.

High alumina refractory cement is widely used in production of monolithic refractories. It is also used for special construction applications, steel plants, etc.


You can download the full data sheets of both H-CEM-50 and H-CEM-70 here:



Particulars Unit H-CEM-50 H-CEM-70
Orton Cone +14 +31
ºC 1349-1398 1683-1717
CCS of 1:3 vibrated mortor using standard graded sand kg/cm2
After 1 day curing 300 350
After 1 day curing +1day at 110°C 350 575-600
CaO Content % 35-37 25
Specific Surface Area cm2/gm 3400 4000
Setting Time Minutes
Initial 40 30
Final 400 320
Chemical Analysis %
Al2O3 48-51 70-75
Fe2O3 4-5 0.3

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