Ceramic Fiber Blankets

Ceramic fiber blankets are made from high quality bulk fibers which are manufactured using alumina, silica and zircon. Our ceramic fiber blankets have double needling and so it has better handling, durability, better strength and improved overall physical properties. Our double needled ceramic fiber blankets are resistant to delamination. Ceramic fiber blankets are widely used in furnace lining, kiln lining, oven lining, back-up insulation, pipe insulation, fire protection, steam turbines, nuclear insulation, etc. Our ceramic fiber blankets are asbestos free, contains no organic binders and have excellent resistance to thermal shocks. The application of ceramic fiber blankets is very easy to cut and install and they are very light weight as compared to any other insulation materials. We offer ceramic fiber blankets of two grades; 1260°C and 1425°C. Density available are 96kg/m3 and 128kg/m3. Thicknesses are available in 13mm, 25mm and 50mm. Our ceramic fiber blankets are packed in thick corrugated boxes with LDPE bag liners.

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Ceramic Fiber Boards

Ceramic fiber boards are manufactured by vacuum processing a perfect mix of refractory fibers and binders with very low organic contents. Our ceramic fiber boards have very good mechanical strength along with extremely low thermal conductivity. This results in maximum insulation and ultimately energy savings. Our ceramic fiber boards are light weight and are very easy to install & cut in required sizes at the time of application, without the need for heavy tools. Our ceramic fiber boards are used in hot face lining, kiln car insulations, furnace/kiln door insulation, ducting insulation and other similar applications. We offer two grades of ceramic fiber boards; 1260°C and 1425°C. Thickness is available from 10mm up to 100mm. Density is 315-385 kg/m3. The standard sizes available are 1000x500mm and 1000x600mm. Other sizes can be customized for bulk orders.

Ceramic Fiber Modules

Ceramic fiber modules are made from our double needled blankets and can be layered with ceramic fiber boards for highly customized requirements. Ceramic fiber modules can be custom made as per required total thickness and layering. Ceramic fiber modules are used widely in reheating furnaces, annealing furnaces, ladle lids, petrochemical reformers, different types of ceramic kilns, combustion chamber, etc. We offer two grades of ceramic fiber modules; 1260°C and 1425°C. Anchors are not included in the modules.

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Bulk Ceramic Fiber

Ceramic bulk fiber are manufactured with high purity alumina and silica/zircon. Bulk ceramic fibers are highly resistant to high temperatures, chemical attacks and are flexible with excellent refractory properties. Our bulk ceramic fibers can be used to make ceramic fiber blankets, ceramic fiber boards, special ceramic fiber shapes. Bulk ceramic fiber can also be added in liquid binder to make special coatings and special cements.

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